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Ohio Historical Marker sign for Columbia Township, founded in 1807.


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Lorain County, Ohio

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Township Offices

The Columbia Township Offices are located on the first floor of the Town Hall at 25496 Royalton Road, Columbia Station, OH 44028.


For any concerns or questions, please call us at (440) 236-8802.

Front view of the Columbia Town Hall.

Our History

In 1786, after the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War, the State of Connecticut ceded to the new federal government of the United State those western lands which had been part of its original royal charter, retaining only a portion in present northeastern Ohio.


Called the Western Reserve, Connecticut withheld this land as an incentive to their men who signed up to fight the British during the war. The reserve, stretching a120 miles west from the Pennsylvania line, was bounded on the north by Lake Erie and on the south by the forty-first parallel.


In the spring of 1807, a group of men from Waterbury, Connecticut pooled their funds and formed the Waterbury Land Company in order to participate in a complicated lottery to purchase an entire township in the Western Reserve. On April 4, 1807, they drew, by lot, the future “Columbia Township” southwest of Cleveland.

Black and white image of the Columbia Township Fire Department and two old-fashioned firetrucks.


Trustee Meetings

The Board of Trustees meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month (except holidays) at 7:00 pm. All residents are encouraged to attend. At the end of every meeting, there is time for community input.


Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 till 1:00 (except holidays). Call the township office to reserve the park pavilions. You must be a Columbia Township resident to reserve a pavilion (Driver license required).

The Columbia Township office staff looks forward to serving the local residents. They have a wealth of information regarding services that are available to Columbia residents.

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