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Firefighters in full fire-protective gear and equipment surrounded by flames.

Fire Department

Columbia Township

In case of emergency

Dial 911

For non-emergencies:

the Columbia Fire Station can be reached at (440) 236-8812

Lorain County Residents:

sign up for emergency info by home phone,

cell phone, text and email at


About Us

The Columbia Township Fire Department has an operational strength of 37 members who work out of the fire station located at 25540 Royalton Road. The administrative section consists of Fire Chief Raymond Anthony, Assistant Chief Craig Heidinger, Captain Brett Heidecker, Captain Kevin Barnard, Lieutenant Gerald Peters and Lieutenant James Gunter.


Currently, the Columbia Township Fire Department employs 22 Firefighter/Paramedics, 1 Firefighter/Intermediate and 14 Firefighter/Basic EMT’s. We staff 2 members at the station 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to this staffing, members are on call rotation during the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. to provide additional personnel to the scene. When there is a call to 911 for medical emergencies or fire, Dispatch sends out a tone over department pagers and active 911. At this time, the 2 staff members at station and members on call will respond and advance to the location of emergency (with rescue squad or fire engine.)

Before we began staffing our station around the clock, our average response time was 13 minutes. Currently, our average response time is seven minutes. The primary responsibility of station personnel is to respond to any Fire/EMS calls that occur, in a timely, safe, and professional manner. Each shift is responsible for general maintenance and detailed inventory of department vehicles. Duties also include general upkeep of the station, day to day  operations, and medical/fire and physical training each day.

We currently run with two rescue squads, two fire engines, one tanker with pumping capabilities, and one grass fire truck. Last year, we served the community with 743 EMS calls, 215 Fire calls, 67 assists to neighboring communities and we received 50 assists from neighboring communities. We provide training in the following areas: CPR, First Aid, and Fire extinguishers for residents and businesses. We assist the county with hazardous materials, bomb squad, swat medic, dive team rescue, swift water rescue and arson investigation.

Several years ago, we started billing our rescue calls when we transported a patient to the hospital. Most insurance providers include in their premiums the cost of ambulance transport. It is our policy that when a resident is billed for an ambulance transport, we accept only what the insurance pays and the resident is not billed for any remaining balances. We started billing in hopes of generating funds, without raising taxes, to continue serving the community with quicker response times. We strive to reach our goal of being able to give everyone a quick and efficient response, day or night and to make Columbia Township a safer community.

The Fireman’s association raises money through fundraisers such as the car show and pancake breakfast. We also receive many generous donations from community organizations and individuals that help us reach our goals.

Chief Anthony and the Columbia Fire Department members would like to thank you for your continued support today and throughout the year!


Columbia Township Fire Department street view.
Image by Garidy Sanders

Help Us Help You!

Please keep driveways clear of low hanging trees and any other obstacles that would impede the passage of a rescue squad or fire truck down the driveway.

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