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Columbia Township

Bob Rundle

(440) 236-8862


The Columbia Township Road Department provides a multitude of services to the residents of the township. Under the supervision of the Service Director, the four member crew is responsible for:

  • Road and ditch maintenance on township roads – Roadsides are mowed at least three times annually.

  • Replacement of driveway culvert pipes on township roads – Culvert pipes may be purchased at the township office to be utilized on township roads only.

  • Snow plowing township roads – When road conditions are severe, snow plow trucks communicate with Fire Department rescue vehicles and assist as needed.

  • Paving township roads – The Service Director maintains a long range plan and road paving is done based on the availability of funds.

  • Park maintenance – grounds, playground equipment and pavilions

  • All maintenance of parking lots - for all township buildings, the park and Columbia Branch Library

  • Upkeep and general maintenance - of the Columbia Town Hall, service garage and fire station.

  • Vehicle maintenance - including 24-hour emergency maintenance of fire trucks.

  • Cemetery maintenance - of both the West River Road and Royalton Road cemeteries,  including grave opening and closing and monument footer installation.  Ground
    maintenance of the Royalton Road cemetery is done by Road Department personnel.

  • Branch chipping – first full week of February, April, June, August, October and December. Have branches out by 7 a.m. on the first Monday of every even month.

See map below to determine if you live on a county road, state road or township road.

Click to enlarge.

Columbia Township Road Map, detailing township, county and state roads.
Plow truck outside of service garage.
Utility cart outside of cemetery.
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