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Columbia Township


Hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (except holidays).

The Zoning inspector is available by appointment during normal hours.

Bob Eichenberg

(440) 236-8802

​The following items require permits from the Zoning department:

  • Residential Homes

    • Additions

    • Accessory Buildings

  • Commercial Buildings

    • Additions

    • Accessory Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

    • Additions

    • Accessory Buildings

  • Patio-Decks-Porches

  • Pools

  • Ponds & Fill

  • Signs

  • Certificate of Compliance

  • Temporary Permits required for signs, unlicensed vehicles, port a-potties and trailers

​Zoning Fees:

Trustee Resolution on Zoning - June 6, 2022:


Zoning Commission meetings are

1st Thursday of each month

at the town hall at 6:30 pm (except holidays).

Zoning Commission

Meetings are the 4th Monday of the month (if there are cases) at the town hall at 6:30pm.

Please contact Zoning Inspector for case-submittal deadlines.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Map of Columbia Township in 1874.

Columbia Township 1874.

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Map of Columbia Township in 1938.

Columbia Township 1938.

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